Powerful Tools for 3D Lighting

LX Studio is a digital lighting workstation, bringing concepts from digital audio workstations and modular synthesis into the realm of LED lighting control. Generative patterns, interactive inputs, and flexible parameter-driven modulation — a rich environment for lighting composition and performance.

LX Studio

The next generation has arrived. LX Studio has become Chromatik.

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Tree of Ténéré

LX Studio was the animation and interaction framework used for the Tree of Ténéré, a large-scale artwork conceived by Zachary Smith which debuted at Burning Man 2017. The piece featured over 100,000 distinct addressable LEDs spread across a canopy of leaves. Mark C. Slee, creator of LX Studio, was a co-lead artist on the project responsible for animation software and content.

Photo Credit: Little Light Photography

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Robust and Versatile

The LX engine has been deployed in a variety of contexts — from interiors to night clubs to large-scale installations. Flexible design means the system can adapt to a wide range of artworks. Interoperability with a wide variety of common standards and protocols (MIDI, OSC, ArtNet, OPC, E1.31, KiNET, DDP) makes LX a versatile tool suitable for use with many lighting fixtures and control systems.

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