Powerful Tools for 3D Lighting

LX Studio brings concepts from digital audio workstations and modular synthesis into the realm of LED lighting control. Generative patterns, interactive inputs, and flexible parameter-driven modulation — a rich environment for lighting composition and performance.

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Tree of Ténéré

LX Studio was the animation and interaction framework used for the Tree of Ténéré, a large-scale artwork conceived by Zachary Smith which debuted at Burning Man 2017. The piece featured over 100,000 distinct addressable LEDs spread across a canopy of leaves. Mark C. Slee, creator of LX Studio, was a co-lead artist on the project responsible for animation software and content.

Photo Credit: Little Light Photography

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Robust and Versatile

The LX engine has been deployed in a variety of contexts — from interiors to night clubs to large-scale installations. Flexible design means the system can adapt to a wide range of artworks.

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Free and Open Source

The Studio application is completely free for end users. The UI runs in the open source Processing environment, making it easy to integrate with other creative coding libraries. The core engine is standalone Java, easy to run on platforms like Android or Raspberry Pi.

The source code and development API are released using a dual-license model, similar to frameworks like JUCE or Ableton Link. The project is available with GPLv2 licensing at https://github.com/heronarts/P3LX. If you want to use LX in proprietary software, contact mark@heronarts.com.